Update Endian Firewall

Hoje estava navedando na página do Endian UTM Firewall e achei interessante postar como faz o update de versão do mesmo através do comando RPM.


Welcome to the Endian Community

Your email is validated and your account is active

Now follow these 5 steps to keep your Endian Firewall Community up to date:

   1. Enable SSH access on your firewall
   2. Open your favorite SSH terminal and connect to the firewall (On Windows you may use putty)
   3. If your Endian Firewall Community is older than version 2.2 please run

      root@efw-2:~ # rpm -ivh http://updates.endian.org/upgrade.rpm
   4. Run the efw-upgrade script

      root@efw-2:~ # efw-upgrade
      Please choose the appropriate channel for your environment and hit [ENTER]:
      1) Production (stable releases)
      2) Development (bleeding edge)
      Please enter your username and hit [ENTER]:
   5. Life is too short to be serious! Become our fan on Facebook and have some fun!

Your Endian Team

Ou seja, o que fizemos foi:
  • habilitar o SSH em nosso Endian
  • rodar o comando rpm
  • fazer o upgrade da versao
  • confirmar nosso cadastro que fizemos na página do Endian.

Att Junior.


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